SearchInform Products: 14 Advantages

SearchInform Information Security Perimeter can operate in large corporate environments providing the following advantages:

  1. Easy to integrate
    It only takes several hours to install SearchInform Perimeter components. In most cases, you will not need to draw outside engineers. That means you will not need to show your corporate internal documents to the supplier's engineers or other specialists.
  1. Integration on top of the existing network structure
    Integration of the system does not affect the way existing information systems work.
  1. End-to-end solution
    It enables you to control every supported data transfer channel, while the multi-component architecture allows selecting only the modules you actually need.
  1. Ability to monitor Skype (attached files, voice and text messages).
  1. Laptop control
    It allows detecting information leaks through laptops disconnected from corporate LAN (e.g. when employees stay home or go on a business trip).   
  1. Full integration with Windows Active Directory
  1. Similar-content search feature
    This search engine will allow you to easily set up your analytical subsystem so you will not need assistance from outside of your company. At the same time, you will not need to make a superhuman effort tuning the way the software analyzes intercepted documents.
  1. Tracking and viewing employee contacts
    Regular tracking and viewing your employee contacts with company’s staff or external addresses will facilitate internal incident investigations and implementation of information security policies in your company.   
  1. Data access authentication
    You can tune the rights to access intercepted documents.
  1. Control over documents stored on user workstations and in shared folders
    Workstation-indexing helps you find sensitive information where it does not belong
  1. User activity reports
    When you have a confirmed incident, you can easily check the user-in-question's activities in every available search client
  1. Backup of intercepted documents
    Intercepted documents are stored in SQL databases, which allows reconstructing the sequence of events in the past.  
  1. Transparent pricing policy for the software and integration services
  1. Free trial version
    We provide cost-free installation of the 30-day full-featured trial version.